Wellness Mobile Terms of Service

Wellness Mobility provides a cell phone benefit to members. We do this as a matter of goodwill and promotion. We are not a cell phone company, but we have relationships with carriers that allow us to offer the following to our members:

  • Unlimited calling to Canada and the United States
  • 5gb of shareable data per line
  • $10 per GB in case of overage
  • $5 per GB paid in advance
  • Variable roaming passes and access to travel passes at corporate plan rates
  • 30 day revolving terms of service provided by a major Canadian carrier


Wellness Mobility members agree to:

  • Pay for any overages associated with their number – these include but are not limited to data use and international long distance
  • Provide a credit card for payment


The personal member may give use of their phone number to Wellness Mobile. They can also decide to get a new number. Once the personal member cancels their service the number will be retuned upon request when balance is paid in full.


Cancellation of service can happen any time during the 30-day term. In this instance the monthly fees or overdue amounts will not be reimbursed.

Customer service requests for billing, additional, or special services are performed by Tiny Mobile. Technical support or other such requests are serviced by the chosen network.