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Fundraising Manager

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Our Story

Wellness Association was founded in October 2010 by Eric Halstrom and Izrael Brown Island. A small island near to Vancouver in Howe Sound.


Initially, the program was specifically dedicated to the creation and funding of nutritional therapies for people living with neurological conditions. This pursuit lead to the association being called Neurological Wellness Association from 2010 - 2018. That work was inspired by Eric’s mother who lives with Huntington’s disease. Over time it became clear that there were many other treatment types that were not easily accessible for Canadians. This lead to an expansion of the associations mandate to support any non-pharmaceutical with a focus on supply options from an unbiased perspective.   


In 2017 the association decided to create an alternative health service program. The goal was to create an online service that allowed people to access service providers in all major centers in Canada through an online booking service called “Which Doctor.” We expected this project to take many years but overwhelming support for the concept combined with innovative contributors from the tech community brought the concept to life within 24 months. 


By the end of 2019, the association had more than 1200 practitioners form 43 healing philosophies available to help 7000+ members gain access to service. It had also contributed to more than 2100 funding applications that amounted to nearly $500,000 in health care spending for Canadians. 


Wellness Association has been entirely supported by its private fundraising venture called Honey For Hope. H4H is a raw creamed clover honey product that has been bought by approximately 60,000 Canadians from Victoria to Halifax and almost everywhere in between.


Currently, the association is working on several projects to continue its mandate of support for wellness services. It is striving to become Canada’s first registered charity that supports health services that are not a part of the health care act. The association is also working towards grants to fund an online clinic that will be accessible to any Canadian with a focus on people living with illness or low income. This is, in addition, to constantly selling honey to fulfill the never-ending requests that come in for its national service providers. 

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