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$3,289.02 of $15,000.00 raised

Tianna Jack – Lung Disease

Tianna Marie Jack is a 12 years old who has a rare lung disease called Bronchiectasis. Tianna‚Äôs journey is a long one. Started her life with 3 holes in her heart and double pneumonia. “inflammation of the lungs plus her cilia in her nose and lungs cannot filter anything out.

$2,487.60 of $12,000.00 raised

Maui The Service Dog

A 6 year old boy was diagnosed with complex post traumatic stress. He has difficulty expressing and managing his emotions, which often results in explosive outbursts. He often moves into anger, anxiety/panic, sadness rapidly and unpredictably.
Maui has been taught to intervene when this little guy’s behaviour is escalating, by touching him with her nose on his elbow or belly. When Maui interrupts a behaviour and leads him to safety, he follows.

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