A Service Dog For Liam

Recently we came into contact with Jennifer Grant, mother of Liam, a 4 year old boy from Prince Edward Island that is learning to live life with Autism.

Like any parent Jennifer is doing what she can to help her son thrive. She has asked us to help obtain a service dog to help Liam cope with school. Here is her story:

When my son was diagnosed at the age of 4 as being on the autism spectrum, I felt completely lost. Being a single mother, I wasn't sure what to do or even how to start to figure out what to do. Once everything sunk in, I then decided to do whatever I could to help Liam live his life as easily and as comfortably as I could.

When he was first diagnosed, he couldn't use language to express himself even though he certainly tried. His cognitive abilities were fantastic so since he understood everything, he became very animated so he could get his point across and to this day, he's just as dramatic!

Wait lists on an island as small as PEI are considerably long to say the least, but he finally began speech therapy and he has made amazing progress.
Liam has an amazing set of social skills and I'm beyond thankful for that, and he loves being outside, running and playing.

He has also started kindergarten last month and while the teacher’s aide him in getting from place to place now, the older he gets, there will be less resources available to help him unfortunately. I'm hoping that if he can have a service dog then perhaps the lack of those resources won't be felt as much.
My family and I have been searching for a year and a half to find Liam his special "working" dog, hopefully my little boy can finally get his special friend for life.
Receiving a service dog would allow my son and I to have more freedom in our daily lives while being able to
maintain his safety. It would mean that simple things such as a trip to the grocery store or even playing
outdoors would be possible for us to do without needing multiple people to keep him calm and stop him from running away. He has recently started school and the amount of concentration needed to stay focused during the school day raises his anxiety levels to the point where when he gets home he tends to lash out at myself and occasionally harming himself, having a trained service dog to help calm him down during these times would be one of the greatest blessings for our family.

Wellness Association has agreed to contribute whatever funding that is required to help Liam beyond the money Jennifer can raise. Jennifer has created a Go Fund Campaign to assist with funding. The total cost for the service dog will be approximately $10,000.

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Seizure Dog For Corina

We ran into Corina the other month while fundraising in Kelowna. Here is her story:

My name is Corina, and I live on CPP Disability Pension of ($605) per month.

In my thirties I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and (M.E.)....mesymptomlist. Then in the last two years, diagnosed with a slow growing Meningioma... "inoperable" and recently epilepsy.

I have issues with my mobility at time "maybe from head injuries years ago" not sure?

Because of my age " just turned 60" and living alone my doctor told me that I require a Seizure/Mobility service dog. 

Friends of mine, have been trying to raise money through "Go Fund Me" page but so far it is not doing well. 

I was told that purchasing a service dog would cost anywhere between $22,000 to $35,000!! However, I believe that we could possibly get one for 20k . This would include all the dog's supplies and Canine Medical Insurance. I have done a year of research, phone calls, different organizations, but I seem to fall through the cracks, as they say!

I heard about you (NWA) for the first time today through a very nice fellow named Van in Kelowna, when I was working at the London Drugs. 

Can you please help me in any way, or know of anyone that would be willing to help me our with my situation? 

Thank you so much for taking time to read my story, I really appreciate it. 

Warm Regards, Corina S. 

Since Corina came into contact with our organization we have been able to make relationships with breeders and a trainer that will allow the expected costs to come down by almost half. We have agreed to provide up to 95% of the funding for Corina's dog and expect her to have her companion by the summer of 2017.

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Dallas Cosgrove - Financial Support For Stage 4 Breast Cancer

I received a very emotional call from Dallas last week that could stand in for virtually all the calls our helpline receives. The person on the other line was terrified, devoid of options, desperate for assistance, yet somehow still positive and appreciative.

Dallas is a survivor. She is an incredibly positive single mother who is doing what she can to live life well while facing a tremendous challenge. Dallas is working tirelessly at a job that provides little in the way of finance or personal satisfaction. This also deprives her of time to take care of herself in a meaningful way.

Dallas has placed a request for financial support. This was a unique request for us that required a creative solution. Our solution was to  offer Dallas a position within our organization that doubles her rate of pay. This will allow her to cut work hours in half while performing tasks that fulfill her need personal desire to help others while giving her time to convalesce.

Read her story:         

I am a stage 4 breast cancer patient receiving treatment at NGH here in Nanaimo BC.

I am currently work 39 hours a week and I am exhausted. I have pursued options here in Nanaimo and haven't been able to find financial support needed so that i can reduce my work hours.

I became aware of your organization through my mother who lives in Nelson BC, she spoke with a fellow who works for you.

I have been living with this illness for almost 18 years, I have had 8 surgeries, three radiation treatments for my chest area, 5 tumors in my brain, and my right hip. I have been on 3 different chemotherapy treatments and am currently receiving two different chemo drugs for which i go every three weeks, i have currently had 40 rounds of treatment here in Nanaimo, I have also used many alternative treatments through Naturopathic Doctors, Chinese therapies and Homeopathic medicines.

So i am very tired as you can imagine and what I am asking for is financial support so that i can reduce my work hours. I am also a divorced single mother.

Over my many years of living with this illness I have received many gifts of knowledge and i see cancer as one of them, I don't relate to the "fight against cancer" or " the battle" narrative ideas, to me they are fear based thinking, I live in gratitude everyday, I live in the"present moment" and I know that living in this space of awareness,  instead of being a victim is what have kept me alive for so long.

I am currently writing a book about my journey and do this I need to reduced my work hours ( I am working in a job that does not support their staff and it is very draining for me both emotionally and physically) and so my request for financial support I know would change my life so that i can write and live my passion for sharing my message to inspire and assist others on their journey.

With warm regards from my heart to yours,

Dallas Cosgrove

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Checking In On John English & Jenna Howe - Concussion Treatment

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When the accident first happened a couple of years ago I was originally told to go to a physiotherapist and Worksafe covered it for a few months and then stopped. I had seen the physio for approximately 2 months about 2x a week with little or no change in my condition. I had been sent to other various doctors and specialists also with little to no change.  When I finally found Jenna and her therapy it was the first time that anything was helpful and provided me with hope that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. As a result of receiving treatments from Jenna I am now sleeping better (5-6 solid hours rather than constant waking all night), my eye and back pain level has decreased by about 30% and each session I feel gradually better and better. The exercises she has developed for my eyes are so good that the vision center where I am going once a week on a pro bono basis (McCrodan Vision Therapy) want Jenna to show them how to do her manual Neurokinetic eye stress release exercises so they can show their patients or refer them to Jenna.

- John English  

When I first met John he was an in an incredible amount of pain with not much a quality of life. He came to hear about my services through an online forum looking for help for his concussion. Individuals who come to me with the level of severity of pain that he has typically need a gradual approach to treatment and often respond slowly. He continues to respond very well to treatment with each week he reports less pain and increased quality of life. I'm confident that with consistent sessions we will see continued improvement in John's condition.

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Massage Treatment For Fibromyalgia - Victoria

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Hi Eric and everyone at NWA!  Thank you for the opportunity to apply for funding to help me get some much needed massage. Without support if would not be possible to afford massage as I would have to take the money directly from my food and nutritional supplements which are a lifeline for me.

I live with Fibromyalgia and Cronic Fatigue so my muscles are very tense all the time as if my finger is stuck in an electrical socket. Living with chronic pain, environmental, chemical and sensory sensitivies, is a daily challenge.  I was recently dealing with added stress which brought on Adrenal Exhaustion.  This caused a total lack of energy and brought about extensive muscle loss. 

I am hoping to get back to the gym but the days I am feeling up to it are few and far between.  I'm hoping the stress relief of massage will help me to relax and relieve some pain and tension so I can get back to the gym and get more regular moderate exercise which over time makes me feel much better, stronger and in control of my life.
Thank you Eric and all the contributors who make this funding possible!!  You're angels in my book!  : )

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