Suzanne is the survivor of a sever motor vehicle accident. Nine years ago this accident did damage to her spinal cord, and today she has asked NWA for help with rehabilitation. This is her story:

From the moment I had my accident, I had in the back of my mind ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’ and that I would have to maximize any ability left to me. The spinal cord damage was and still is difficult to recover from. I don’t work any more. I was lucky to have met Rick Hanson, at the airport of all places, early on in my injury. He talked to me about the idea of ‘the new 100%’ and that 100% is relative. It was a wonderful conversation that I’m grateful to have had. I have remained active, I was doing pilates, and I kept moving even though pain is a part of every single one of my days. Then I blew out one of my calf muscles. This is why I’m coming to NWA now. I am having a hard time keeping mobile, and being mobile, and moving has been the biggest part of my coping and healing. I can’t do the kind of rehab that I was doing since this new injury. Luckily, at Iron Heart Gym in Vernon, there’s a personal trainer who can help me rehab the new and the old injury with exercise, while keeping me safe. I don’t need a huge amount of help, but the little I need is very important. I’m hoping that NWA can help me access this service, and help me in continuing to maximize my new 100.


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