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Wellness Associaton will grow our membership figures by a factor of ten this year. We are going to need a lot of help. Employment and volunteer opportunities are available across the nation. Whether you are looking for for fifty hours a week in a metropolis or five hours month in a small community we have a post for you. 

Contract sales positions are immediately available for people who share our vision. You must have interest or experience in fundraising, sales, or marketing. These positions are ideal for practitioners who are looking for extra work while completing training or for people looking to get into the health services industry.

Paid workers will be performing the  following duties for the next 8 months:

Signing Up Professional Member at:
  • Trade shows
  • On the phone
  • In their office
Signing Up Personal Members at:
  • Retail Environments
  • Trade Shows
  • Farm Markets
  • Sporting Events
You will also be networking with other social service groups in order to find more people to help.
Independent representatives work alone or in small groups. Training and support from our head office is continual. We provide all materials necessary for success. You will are responsible for identifying suitable situations to market our service. Once you have locations you will perform or oversee promotional duties. 

This position is designed for people who possess an entrepreneurial spirit. The amount of work you create is your own. The success of our programs is up to you. How many people we help is in your hands. It is a big responsibility but it is rewarding and engaging for the right minds.          

In this position, you must have the following:
  • Home office
  • Reliable vehicle
  • Modern technology and the ability to use it
  • Flexible schedule
  • Ability to travel
The rate of pay depends on experience. Expect between $16-$20 per hour to start. Bonuses are always given for exceptional workers. Positions are available for people with disabilities or barriers to regular employment. If your the right person for the job we will make it work!

Please review contract terms before you apply.

If you are the human for this position please fill out this form below:

Volunteering with N.W.A. can mean a lot of things. First of all, you have put yourself on a list of people in your area that can help our Wellness Members. What will they need help with? Well, life of course! You will be called into duty when someone needs help with groceries, getting to a medical appointment or perhaps looking for a buddy at a social situation. You do not have to accept the mission but we would like you to be as flexible as possible. You will also be asked to help out if there are official events in the area. 
If you have some time to give we would really appreciate it! Fill out the form below.