We are please to announce the creation of WellnessChat, a space where
members & non members can freely exchange information through public
or private discussion. 
WellnessChat will connect people who are looking for medical services with practitioners who have experience treating their condition. It will also allow members to
participate in discussion groups about their experience with a medical
condition or treatments they have pursued. We expect this tool to create opportunities for people to obtain health benefits while bringing peers together.
The app will also help people become a member, search for services, keep track of events, or support specific campaigns. 
WellnessChat is free for all to use. Participation increases power of the service. 
You can download the app here:

  1. Install the app from the stores

  2. Once
    you have downloaded the app you can make a profile that has as much
    information on it as you would like. Registered members will be have
    tags such as Natural Doctor, or Fibromyalgia. These will let others know
    what kind of member or service provider you are in order to facilitate
    useful communication. 

    Members will be able to create posts to ask about their medical condition or to advertise their services. We
    will also be hosting discussion groups so our members can communicate
    with peers for support or advice. 
    This is a great way for professional members to find clients and for personal members to seek advice with their medical concerns. 

    There will be lots of room for changes to the system so let us know how this can work better for you as it develops.
    Looking forward to working with all of you on this!

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