Anna has completed her first sessions with Jenna Howe. She as seen positive results and is looking forward to continuing her treatment. 

We have approved Anna for another month of therapy. Thank you to all of our supporters in the greater Victoria Region for making this happen!

I have now been seeing Jenna for Bowen therapy treatments for nearly two months, and already feel improved in my situation. My post-concussion symptoms are occurring less, as I am now educated in how to monitor myself and my body. The treatments that Jenna does with me are working to reset my muscles that have been very tense since the accident. Since seeing Jenna, I am able to do a bit more physical activity, such as going for longer walks than I could before.  I would very much like to continue seeking therapy from Jenna because she has been a tremendous help to me in my recovery, now beginning to treat me for Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, with physical treatments as well as support and encouragement along the road. 

Thank you very much,


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