Sylvia Kosche is a woman who has had two spinal cord operations. Neurological Wellness Association has been helping her receive treatment and support for more than a year. 
This is her story:
“You can imagine how weak I was, I’ve had two spinal chord surgeries after all. Those surgeries were a long time ago, but my shoulder pain got so bad I couldn’t pull my trousers up myself, and my legs are so weak I need a walker to help me walk. NWA set me up with Marie [a body worker] and she is so helpful. It was so discouraging, knowing I couldn’t pull up my own pants, but now I can dress myself. Just knowing there are people out there helping me, and taking care of me is amazing.
I have more independence, and having been a very active person in my past, that’s important to me. I have weak legs right now, as I said, I need a walker to get around, but I figure if my shoulder is this much better, why not my legs soon too? I’m going to be receiving massage therapy soon, and I’m very excited about that. Just imagine how that might help me. The stimulation of massage may very well help my nervous system repair, and maybe one day I’ll walk without my walker. I am looking forward to continuing to get stronger.”
In order to continue helping Sylvia, we are going to require continued support from our members. Let’s support Sylvia in one day walking without the use of a walker.
We will continue to follow up with the

treatment of Sylvia and provide updates on her recovery.

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