Steve Chipman has recently completed a spinal care therapy with one of our professional member’s, Kimberly Maine, at Inner Warriors Yoga in Victoria B.C. Steve received a 50% subsidy toward the cost of his therapy. This is an email that he recently sent about his experience.

I would like to first thank Eric and the supporters of NWA for their support. I did a Spinal care program with a yoga therapist, and NWA helped  by paying for some of the program.

Is NWA for real? They sure are. I think what they are doing is amazing. My past has proved Western Medicine is not the best and studies keep proving just that. I’m a Personal Trainer, fully certified and I have my Food therapy certificate as well. I speak not only from experience, but I have the education to go with it. If people had access to things like Chinese Medicine, yoga, massage, and it was paid for just like when you go to Western Doctors, costs to our health care would be reduced as well as suffering to patients.

The BC gov’t did a study about 8 years to find out what citizens want covered and the majority want coverage for Chinese Medicine etc. What has happened since then? Not a damm thing, costs keep going up, people keep suffering. I have written to the BC health minister several times, no response of course.

If you want health care cost to come down and people to stop suffering please support NWA. The money you donate is not wasted on wages, overhead, and whatever else. 

Steve Chipman.
Victoria BC

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