Our Wellness Member, Steve Chipman, recently completed his therapy at Inner Warriors Yoga in Victoria. The owner of the studio, Kimberly Maine, oversaw his treatment. 
Steve has competed the program he is going for an MRI soon to see how yoga supported his spinal injury and healing. While my program is not a cure I hope that it provided him with some relief and he continues to heal on his own. 

The program started with an initial postural and movement assessment and then I gave him specific spinal therapeutic yoga, breathing, mindfulness and rehabilitation exercises for the spine that he practice 3X per week at home. I met him every 2-3 weeks to review and add new exercises that supported his progress and healing. Steve was very diligent with his program and I believe that it why he saw such an improvement. He had several low energy days, but some days he had more this was due to the fact that he also has an autoimmune disorder. That said, I provided him with restorative postures and a very gentle series of postures/exercises as well as a more invigorating and strengthening practice for the days when he felt stronger. He was truly a joy to work with and I know with his determination and drive to be well, he will heal in time.
Wellness Association would like to thank everyone who contributed to Steve’s therapy. It has provided him with valuable tools that will help him live in less pain while restoring his mobility. 

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