we have had several members who have been requesting treatment for cancer. Some
are looking for relief from the side effects chemotherapy. While others are
looking for Naturopathic options.
was not one of the conditions that we expected to work with. However, when our
members make multiple requests for a certain service we will always do what we
can do help.
Dr. Maria Boorman is a naturopathic
physician at the Saanich Medical Centre. Her services were recommended to our
association. You can view some testimonials about her service here.
uses a variety of modalities to aid a person who is fighting cancer including
Vitamin C injections. It may be of interest to our readers to review the
following studies on Vitamin C injections:
The following is a testimonial from our first subsidy in the field of oncology.
from the Neurological Wellness Association asked me to tell my story.
first heard of the Neurological Wellness Association when my daughter started
fundraising for them. I was recently diagnosed with oral cancer, and my
daughter shared my situation with the president of the association (Eric
Halstrom), he told her that he would do what he could to help me as I did not
like the options of surgery or radiation proposed by the medical establishment.
funded a consultation with Dr. Maria Boorman, BSc, ND a naturopathic
practitioner. I was very impressed by Dr. Boorman’s professionalism, knowledge,
and compassion. Her practice is varied but with respect to cancer treatment
most of her work has been to help folks with the side effects of conventional
medical treatments. As I had made the decision to pursue natural alternative
treatments, Dr. Boorman encouraged me to continue diet and supplements I was
already doing and proposed other treatments.
beginning this regimen combined with lots of prayer, I have much reduced the
use of pain medication. Some of the treatment including proposed IV vitamin C
are expensive for me and NWA are stepping up to help me. I am thankful that NWA
exists and are willing to help me.
Erick Hinton

Wellness Association has agreed to pay for Erick’s consultations with Dr.Boorman. Erick is paying for the medication associated with his therapy. This type of arrangement is something that we like to promote as it eases the financial burden of treatment while promoting personal investment in wellness. We will support Erick through his treatment and look forward to updates! 


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