Welcome to Mariah Pelley Smith of Halifax, NS!  We’re so happy to have a Reiki Master on board.  I love her view of the world around us.  Here’s a quick description of the work that she does.

My journey of becoming a Reiki Practitioner started in 2016 and has changed my perception of how I see the world and my own body, mind and soul. Reiki has shown me that all your flaws are perfect, everything you ever need is inside you and everyone around you is your student and your teacher. My gifts or techniques involve bringing ancient symbols, energies and sound into the space, some include plant energies, ancient african chants and singing, therapeutic touch, La-Ho-Chi energy and higher being energies. These sorts of things may seem out of the ordinary for some, but I am able to allow all these sorts of modalities to come through me, as I am just a channel. The energy and effects of the energy can be felt once you let go of expectations and judgements.


Welcome to The Reiki Eye and Mariah Pelley Smith!


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