Good morning readers,

Ten months ago, we put a form on our site that allowed members to request a
practitioner. During that time, we received several requests for the Swingle
. We are very pleased to announce that Swingle Clinic has
joined our association.

The Swingle Clinic uses clinical psychoneurophysiology is a biological approach to healing and wellness.
This approach can be further defined as a relatively new field that lends solid research to our understanding
of the mind-body connection.  PNI studies the connection between psychological
processes and the nervous and immune systems of the body.
Swingle Clinic uses this technique
to address a multitude of common disorders such as ADHD, Depression, anxiety,
and insomnia as well as less common ailments such as PTSD, epilepsy, stroke,
brain injury and Fibromyalgia.

I have personally heard four positive testimonials from our members. I
encourage you to check out how
people feel about their work. Testimonials – Rate MD 

The conditions that Dr.Swingle and his team work with are extremely prevalent
within our group. We have signed up an alarming number of women between 25-50
who are with living with Fibromyalgia over the last year. Applications for
depression and anxiety also have seen significant increases. I am pleased to
have more resources to offer to folks who suffer from these conditions. 
We will being processing applications for Single Clinic immediately. If you are interested in applying for funding or becoming a member  take action today.

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