Hi Eric and everyone at NWA!  Thank you for the opportunity to
apply for funding to help me get some much needed massage. Without
support if would not be possible to afford massage as I would have to
take the money directly from my food and nutritional supplements which
are a lifeline for me.

I live with Fibromyalgia and Cronic
Fatigue so my muscles are very tense all the time as if my finger is
stuck in an electrical socket. Living with chronic pain, environmental,
chemical and sensory sensitivies, is a daily challenge.  I was recently
dealing with added stress which brought on Adrenal Exhaustion.  This
caused a total lack of energy and brought about extensive muscle loss. 

am hoping to get back to the gym but the days I am feeling up to it are
few and far between.  I’m hoping the stress relief of massage will help
me to relax and relieve some pain and tension so I can get back to the
gym and get more regular moderate exercise which over time makes me feel
much better, stronger and in control of my life.

Thank you Eric and all the contributors who make this funding possible!!  You’re angels in my book!  : )

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