Julie is a person that is a lot of pain. She first started feeling the effects of chronic pain in 2006. Chronic Pain is a very serious illness that has taken away her ability to participate in most activities. “Isolation and depression are the hardest things.” “It is hard to do anything because every time I try another injury occurs, I feel limited because of my condition.”

Centennial Wellness allows Julie to gain moments of relief from pain and physical limitation. She also finds that the pool creates a social environment where she can “meet many nice people who relate to her.” ” I am enjoying my Ai Chi lessons with Alex. I tried Tai Chi on land but it triggered my pain. The pool is buoyant and it supports me so I am able to do Ai Chi, which I find very interesting. The difference is the salt water. It makes me feel warm unlike other pools. Other pools have lots of lights, bright lights, and noise. This is a therapeutic environment that helps people like me who react negatively to noise and other forms of stimulation. ”

Julie found Neurological Wellness Association through Audrey, the owner of Centennial Wellness. When Julie found out about our subsidy program she was ecstatic and called right away. We were able to get Julie approved for funding immediately. She was delighted to get into the pool right away.

We funded 50% of Julies memberships that cost $150. This gave her the opportunity to use pool on her own terms. She is looking for the same 50% funding again.

“There is a sign on the wall that says this is my happy place. Many of the people at the pool discuss how it really is that place. It’s hard to leave”

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