John MacArthur is a man living in the Victoria area of Vancouver Island, B.C. He was diagnosed with multiple tumors and failing kidneys, here is his story:
“One year ago I was diagnosed with stage four terminal cancer. I was given nine months to year to live.
“Not long before that I’d had a physical where I was told that everything in my body was ship-shape, great kidney function, and no problems. Then, I woke up coughing, and sore. I had a UTI infection, but it took a very long time to diagnose, so long that it traveled to my kidneys. When they were tested, as treatment began, their function was at an eight — which is very low and generally means either you’re dead or on dialysis. I was catheterized, and began treatment for my kidneys. It was because of this, that when I complained of a sore neck it was brushed off as soreness due to postural changes because of the catheter. Well, eventually the cough and soreness became serious enough that I was finally given scans. An X-Ray revealed three tumors on my left lung. It took more time to get a PET scan, and then to speak with a doctor. When I did, it was bad news. Stage four cancer and they weren’t going to try and treat it with chemo, radiation, or surgery.
“Basically, they weren’t going to do anything. Soon afterwards they got the scan of my neck, and it too had a tumour on it — thus the neck pain. They wanted to do radiation on my neck, but at this point I’d directed my energies towards finding other options for treatment, and was readying myself and my wife to head stateside for a while. We used what we could plus all of our savings to work on finding a solution. We went broke, but the treatment I received was working. It was 95% naturopathic. Medical marijuana was used, as well as several supplements. I was also getting a form of chemo, but at 10% of the usual strength. When we could no longer afford to continue my treatments in the States, we came home. I decided to look for a new GP and found one that was opening a clinic with a number of other practitioners. That’s where I met Maria Booreman. She heard my story and fast tracked me into the clinic. What a stroke of luck! I’d found one of the only people doing similar, if not the same, treatment as what I had been getting in the states, in my very own city. I’m not able to see Maria as often as I was seeing my practitioners before, but with her support I can say that my medical picture has vastly improved. Two of my tumors are gone, one is the size of a node, and the other is shrinking — not only that, but my kidneys have improved so much so that my conventional doctors tell me it’s unheard of. I have more energy, and I have still had my share of chemo brain to recover from, but my future is looking much brighter than it was one year ago.”
John is unable to work, due to his cancer, and his wife has reduced her work hours so that she can assist in his care. John’s supplements and care cost a considerable amount, even after compassionate discounts given by his practitioners — such as Maria Boorman, who is in the NWA network. NWA has been assisting John through providing him with subsidies and through the connection that we’ve made with his care provider. We hope to continue to assist John, and therefore are looking for your support in helping us do our best to care for this valuable community member.

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