Here at Wellness Association, we are putting together an improved effort to tell the personal stories of the people we help. Our goal is to help people like John regain his health while motivating others to take action. Over the next few months, we will tell his story of recovery from the perspective of practitioner and patient. This is a letter he sent to us after initial contact: 
My name is John English. I was injured September 2014 in an “near miss” accident when a massive beam was dropped from a 12 foot ceiling on a construction project and hit me on the top of my head driving me into the floor with a massive near fatal concussion and 3 compressed vertebrae.

I have constant headaches, vision problems (scintillating scotoma) and constant backache and intermittent paralysis of left arm due to compressed vertebrae.
I am essentially homeless and destitute. Worksafe denied my injuries even with sworn evidence from co-worker who dropped the beam and saw it all.

Jenna Howe has been treating me and I have been giving her a few dollars
here and there. She is a wonderful, kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable and skilled practitioner who specializes in treating concussions.

I have not seen her for over a month due to lack of funds. I have to drive from Duncan to Victoria as well. I have lived alone either in my truck or a small travel trailer in a farmers field for the past year and a half.

I am a single father of two teenagers but we were blessed in that my children were very motivated having been living in poverty so they got top grades and have scholarships at a residential private school so at least they have been looked after.

Thanks for looking at my case. I am beginning to despair ever getting better
but if anyone can do it I believe that Jenna can. I was also prescribed for cannabis oil last September but have been without funds to buy it, even though I have a doctors prescription
and am a member of the Warmland dispensary in Mill Bay. It ahs been a difficult journey.

Thanks again for any assistance you can offer. I had almost given up hope when Jenna gave me your contact info. All the Best and thanks for calling back so quickly,

Yours truly,
John English. 

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