Jim Frank is in his senior years.
He lives in Kelowna and is in need of support with a dental problem:

“It has a huge effect on how I see myself, and my willingness to go out and socialize — not having all of my teeth. I’m looking for support to get dentures, because no matter how much I floss and brush my teeth, they keep having to be pulled. Gum disease is genetic, and sometimes you’re just dealt a bad hand when it comes to your genetics. My teeth have been getting worse and worse over the last year and I could really use some help.”
Jim met one of our fundraisers in the Kelowna area, and together they got him signed up with NWA. Your help in getting Jim a pair of dentures will mean helping a community member with the most basic of tasks like chewing and speaking. Furthermore, it will help get him into the community and socializing. While it looks like MSP will be able to cover a good portion of the cost for his dentures, the amount they can cover is still unclear and Jim could be looking at a $1500.00 bill outside of what they are willing to provide that, which he simply cannot afford. Please help us help Jim.

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