My name is Jenna howe and my business is Rejeneration and Concussion Resolution where the primary therapies that I provide  are  Bowen therapy and NeuroKinetic therapy. I work with all injuries and conditions however I do have a special interest in working with concussion symptoms. An ongoing challenge that many complementary health care practitioners face is that there are many people who can benefit from our service but do not have the means to maintain the level of care necessary.  This is especially true for those who have experienced brain injuries. I came to The Neurological Wellness Association through a friend of mine and was intrigued at the organizations vision. My goal is to get my clients to back to work and to the quality of life they deserve and NWA is providing an opportunity for this to happen. 

Bowen Therapy is a light touch manual therapy that has re balances and realigns the body, encouraging its innate healing response. Bowen, gentle yet powerful is known to help many conditions.  John’s injuries are fairly significant and over the past few sessions he’s experienced: less tension gripping around his head, loosening of the muscles that have been incredibly tense, pain behind the eyes have lessoned. and he’s expressed that he finally feels like there is hope that one day he will feel normal again. 
An organization like this is so very needed it and not only in Victoria but in all communities so this is really important for an organization for all communities and for people come together and help one another. For me I think it’s amazing to be able to say that I belong to the neurological the association and feeling confident and that if you or  someone you know that is having some financial difficulties as a result of your injury there’s an avenue for you to be able to continue to care especially if it is a therapy  that is  working really well for you. 
Working with NWA has been fantastic and I am pleased to say that my client John will be able to continue the care he began as a result of the funding he’s receiving from the Neurological Wellness Association.
Jenna Howe BA Psych
Bowen Therapy, Exercise Rehabilitation, Yoga Therapy, NeuroKinetic Therapy, Concussion Therapy

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