I had a wonderful conversation with George last night about an excruciating disorder he has been living with for many years. This man is in so much pain that he takes an ice pack with him everywhere he goes. George has taken myriad remedies from many different medical fields during the last quarter century with little change in his condition.

Something that impressed me about George was his sense of humor and selflessness. Despite immense hardship he puts a hilarious spin on his narrative. He is also uncomfortable of the notion that he receive financial support when others could be in greater need. George describes his days as living in “9/10 pain” but it “could get worse.” When asked to produce an image for this entry he told me that he was “so homely that his mother would not tolerate a picture of him on her birthday.”

In this position I work with a lot of people who are facing tremendous health challenges. I often marvel at the positive nature of these individuals. The majority of our members are have pleasant dispositions and are motivated to find new ways to heal. Wellness Members are very appreciative of the efforts other have put towards them. Members are also eager to contribute. Often they will remark that helping others is the first thing they will do once they regain an certain element of their health.           
We will do what we can to help George find options. I have a few good ideas, our health service providers will have more. Read about Georges story below and keep checking in for more updates as we quest to bring this man relief!

(I have removed physician names from this entry. They are not affiliated professionals. We do not have permission to use their names)

Hi Eric. Thank you for the call ! My condition is called ” progressive
& idiopathic symmetrical sensory polyneuropathy”. ( A mouthful- I
realize!) It started out of nowhere as foot pain, initially in the
heels, then in a few days to the entire bottom of the feet. Feb.1992.

I went to our family Dr , H. Stefanyk, then to many others– Dr.
Jill Calder- Kamloops- for nerve conduction tests, then Dr. Porter – Kamloops, Dr R Mosewich–same, then Dr Younger- Vancouver, Dr Ross
Outerbridge-Kamloops. He thought the condition was plantar fasciitis,
operated on one foot, — but the pain did not change. I tried
naturopaths– Dr Steven Jones- Kamloops- who did a chelation flush as I
removed the metal fillings & replaced with white porcelain. Not much
relief– if any. Getting costly!! ?
then to Dr Gerry Farnsworth– & his son Tod. — ultrasound machine
in water for the feet. Four times per week. No relief . Then many
chiropractors, including acupuncture– Dr Andy Soo-Hoo & dr Earl
Farnsworth ( chase), both now deceased. No better. Then to a foot Dr – Kamloops– Dr Steven De Witt. Definitely no help. Expensive orthotics–
very painful to wear. . Next : IMS ( intramuscular stimulation). Chase
clinic. No improvement. Then to Dr Michael James -kamloops–
chiropractor– supposedly different from the others. Some people swear
by him . A month later & $400 less in the wallet– no different.
Then to Dr Wagstaff – Winfield–( now also deceased)-a B vitamin
injection & some expensive supplements, no better. Then to Royal
Inland Hospital again : Dr Michael ——–? Can’t remember his last
name– an injection by vein– of the clear liquid used by dentists(
lidocaine ?). No drop in pain. —Finally– to Dr Jeff Oyler– Kamloops– who finally diagnosed the condition as above. !!! After many
pairs of “special ” shoes, sandals , orthotics, etc. 

condition can best be described as burning pain, along with general
hurting, starting as mild in the am, getting worse as the day
progresses. Pain increases as pressure is applied– best if a person can
walk on their hands ! The pain initially was confined in the feet, then
spread to the legs, hips & “rump roast”. I now use a large firm ice
pack, inserted in several “keep it cool ” aluminum foil bags, to sit
on, without which would be impossible to stay seated on most surfaces
for very long. On bad days, the pain will start to travel up the lower
spine. Gabapentin & tylenol ( acetaminophen) will help to lower the
pain somewhat– for 30-45 mins. The pain will also keep a person awake a
bit more at night — ankles burn as well. I use an external pain gel at
night on my hip & ankle. Lots of fun !! Pain gets much more
pronounced if sleep is inadequate. I have been on disability income
since 10 years.

Thank you for listening to my sad sack story !! If you
have a choice between this and a migraine, take the headache !!! Have a
good day !

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