Fundraising is a curious activity for humans. Some people love it, others fear every minute of it.

Some fundraisers gush about the kindness of others, the gifts they receive, and the overwhelming gratitude from donors which keeps them motivated. For others, its tales of outright negativity, mistrust and ramped poverty. The interesting thing about these two completely different narratives is that they are most likely spun from virtually identical experiences.
A good fundraiser soaks up the positive energy. This is a special gift as focusing on the “good stuff” is not and easy thing to do when its cold, wet, and there is $4.73 in your donation box. The people who maintain a pleasant demeanor create special opportunties for themselves and the people around them.

Below are excerpts taken from an email from one of our new Wellness Members about her experience with one of our Ambassador’s in Vancouver,  Chelli Roden, on one of “those” days:

I had the great pleasure to meet one of your representatives ” Chelly last Week in New Westminster! First, He’s really a great person, he gave me a very warm and sincere hug! I just walked out of a Doctors appt, I seen him with his table and honey for sale. We chatted for a good while! And I must say for the first time in a long time I felt heard and understood!

I Suffer from Fibromyalgia along with all those other illnesses that accompany it! I’m So excited about what some help at this very difficult and unhealthy time in my life could mean for me!    

Thank You so very much for your time and consideration!

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