Q) Do I qualify for the Wellness Subsidy Program?

We cover all neurological conditions, serious medical conditions, and cases of extreme poverty.
If you are living with a condition that is effecting your life, you qualify for our Wellness Subsidy Program.

Q) How do I apply for subsidy on a service?

Please Login, or create an account if you have yet to do so.

Once you are logged in you will have the menu option to select Apply for Funding. Here you will find 4 funding options to choose from, or use in conjunction with each other. If you need help determining the best course of action, please contact our health services department as indicated on the page.

Q) When will I hear back about my subsidy application?

Please allow up to 4 weeks for application processing. You will be contacted if we require further information.

Q) What is Request a Practitioner?

By completing this form, you are asking us to search for a practitioner that specializes in, or believes they are most qualified to handle your case. Once we have found a practitioner or series of practitioners that seem best suited to you, we will contact you with their information. We will schedule your first appointment for you on request as well.

Q) Are there more stories than what is available to me on your blog and in the Q?

We have more stories that are being put together presently, however we also have a great deal of members that we have helped, who have requested anonymity in the past.
We respect every person’s wish to privacy, with that being said, we also hope and request that if you have a story or testimonial, that you be willing to share with our other members, so that we can help others with a similar story to yours.
We want to spread the word as far and wide as possible, if it means helping just one person because of it, it’s worth it.

Q) Where will my donation go?

If you make a donation to a specific cause, it goes right into that cause, providing assistance to the person you chose to support.

If you make a general donation without choosing a specific cause, your donation will go into a pool that will be spread between our current and existing subsidies. No one is left behind.

Q) Where can I find out more?

We update our facebook often. For up to date info on what we are up to please check us out at https://www.facebook.com/nwa.wellness/