Dee Sipes contacted us recently about her quest for relief from serious tooth pain. She is a Wellness Members who is doing everything she can to be healthy and active after losing the majority of her mobility due to spinal injury 5 years ago.

Currently Dee is living with a very painful infected tooth that will require dental surgery. The surgery is estimated to cost $1,600. She has been saving money to pay for the treatment. However, she has found it difficult to personally raise the necessary funds. She is restricted to a wheel chair and can only do limited work while on a disability pension. Dee is grateful for any support our members or the public can offer.

This is her story….

Hey everyone, as you know I live on a limited income thanks to my mobility limitations. As it turns out I don’t have a cavity I need a root canal. Yes the Dreaded Root Canal. I have heard many horror stories, and I am a little afraid, but the pain I have now makes me want to get it dealt with.

The problem, well it would seem that the ministry that provides Dental care only does it once every 2 years and a total of $1000. Max. So I need to raise some money to get this done sooner rather than later. I wish to avoid complications.

My Dentist will send me to the dental surgeon when I can afford it. Note: I am not going to rant about the Ministry not being able to cover this as it isn’t important. As soon as possible is the goal timeline as it only gets worse the longer I wait.

Thank you all for your help in advance as it will mean alot to me to be able to get this taken care of.  I think everyone who helps is an exemplary human being. The best examples of human compassion. Thank you very much.

Our association has pledged 50% of the cost of her treatment. If you would like to contribute to our portion you may do so by using the form to the right of this page. All of the money we receive will go directly to her treatment. Any business that contributes will receive a tax deductible receipt. Every donor is acknowledged personally.

You can also contribute to Dee’s portion on her “Go Fund Me” page.   

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