I received a very emotional call from Dallas last week that could stand in for virtually all the calls our helpline receives. The person on the other line was terrified, devoid of options, desperate for assistance, yet somehow still positive and appreciative.

Dallas is a survivor. She is an incredibly positive single mother who is doing what she can to live life well while facing a tremendous challenge. Dallas is working tirelessly at a job that provides little in the way of finance or personal satisfaction. This also deprives her of time to take care of herself in a meaningful way.

Dallas has placed a request for financial support. This was a unique request for us that required a creative solution. Our solution was to  offer Dallas a position within our organization that doubles her rate of pay. This will allow her to cut work hours in half while performing tasks that fulfill her need personal desire to help others while giving her time to convalesce.

Read her story:         

I am a stage 4 breast cancer patient receiving treatment at NGH here in Nanaimo BC.

am currently work 39 hours a week and I am exhausted. I have pursued
options here in Nanaimo and haven’t been able to find financial support
needed so that i can reduce my work hours.

I became aware of your organization through my mother who lives in Nelson BC, she spoke with a fellow who works for you.

have been living with this illness for almost 18 years, I have had 8
surgeries, three radiation treatments for my chest area, 5 tumors in my
brain, and my right hip. I have been on 3 different chemotherapy
treatments and am currently receiving two different chemo drugs for
which i go every three weeks, i have currently had 40 rounds of
treatment here in Nanaimo, I have also used many alternative treatments
through Naturopathic Doctors, Chinese therapies and Homeopathic

So i am very
tired as you can imagine and what I am asking for is financial support
so that i can reduce my work hours. I am also a divorced single mother.

my many years of living with this illness I have received many gifts of
knowledge and i see cancer as one of them, I don’t relate to the “fight
against cancer” or ” the battle” narrative ideas, to me they are fear
based thinking, I live in gratitude everyday, I live in the”present
moment” and I know that living in this space of awareness,  instead of
being a victim is what have kept me alive for so long.

am currently writing a book about my journey and do this I need to
reduced my work hours ( I am working in a job that does not support
their staff and it is very draining for me both emotionally and
physically) and so my request for financial support I know would change
my life so that i can write and live my passion for sharing my message
to inspire and assist others on their journey.

With warm regards from my heart to yours,

Dallas Cosgrove

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