“John” is a father, and community member in a rural British Columbia town. He believes that after many concussions he has a diagnosis of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy due to a series of devastating concussions. Unfortunately this diagnosis cannot be confirmed without autopsy, and in John’s own words he’s “Not willing to go that far to seek diagnosis, yet.” John has elected to keep his name and the dominant portion of his information private for safety reasons. This is his story:

In November 2014, I was coaching my son’s hockey team and suffered a severe concussion that required a hospital visit as I was clearly impaired. However, just over a week later, my own hockey team needed me and I went onto the ice again. Of course, I told everyone not to worry, because I was going to be careful. Unfortunately, on that day I ended up with another severe concussion, and I have not been the same since. I have always lead an active life, and previous to these concussions, I had suffered as many as thirty prior concussions. When I was a child, I was kicked in the head by a horse, and nearly died as my skull was broken and needed to be re-assembled. I still have the dent in my skull, but there was no identifiable brain damage at the time.

After the two most recent concussions, I suffered the standard concussion symptoms: headaches, nausea, memory problems, confusion, dizziness, blurred vision, light and sound sensitivity, and I struggled with balance. As time went by, however, I found my symptoms were getting worse, despite the number of doctors and specialists I have seen, all of whom were attempting to address the symptoms that now define my life.

Now, every doctor and specialist I speak to states that there isn’t anything left to recommend, and it’s impossible to determine the official cause. I refuse to believe them, and I refuse to give in. I’m searching for relief in uncharted territory, and I am asking for help.

I am hoping that the combination of PEMF therapy, and Hyperbaric oxygen therapy produce results in alleviating pain, and even reversing the damage done by my concussions.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy will balance the charge of the blood cells and allow them to flow freely without clumping, it will also prime them for the metabolic process. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy, will help push the primed blood cells deeper into the damaged tissues, and the increased oxygen in the body will intensify the mitochondrial activity. This further re-energizes and heals the damaged cell structures and the brain’s neurones. Given the challenges with brain injuries — brain swelling, decreased blood flow starving brain cells, the build-up of tau proteins, damaged tissues, and blocked capillaries — the combination of PEMF and hyperbaric oxygen therapy are uniquely suited to heal the brain.

I want to experience joy with my kids again, rather than fighting through the fog of pain every day, and I’m hopeful that NWA can assist me in doing so through helping me to access these therapies.

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