When the accident first happened a couple of years ago I
was originally told to go to a physiotherapist and Worksafe covered it
for a few months and then stopped. I had seen the physio for
approximately 2 months about 2x a week with little or no change in my
condition. I had been sent to other various doctors and specialists also
with little to no change.  When I finally found Jenna
and her therapy it was the first time that anything was helpful and
provided me with hope that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.
As a result of receiving treatments from Jenna I
am now sleeping better (5-6 solid hours rather than constant waking all
night), my eye and back pain level has decreased by about 30% and each
session I feel gradually better and better. The exercises she has
developed for my eyes are so good that the vision center where I am
going once a week on a pro bono basis (McCrodan Vision Therapy) want Jenna to show them how to do her manual Neurokinetic eye stress release exercises so they can show their patients or refer them to Jenna.
– John English  

I first met John he was an in an incredible amount of pain with not
much a quality of life. He came to hear about my services through an
online forum looking for help for his concussion. Individuals who come
to me with the level of severity of pain that he has typically need a
gradual approach to treatment and often respond slowly. He continues to
respond very well to treatment with each week he reports less pain and
increased quality of life. I’m confident that with consistent sessions
we will see continued improvement in John’s condition.

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