Ever stopped to notice how technological our world has
become?  Everywhere you go people are
using technology to share information and keep connected.  It is a part of everyday life, in everything
we do.  It is a trend we all want and
need to be a part of to truly be part of the community these days.  Technology is in most homes and businesses –
one can easily walk down the street and observe many people using their cell
phones and/or using PDAs.  The gentleman
or woman next to you on the bus may be typing his or her resume on their
laptop; we use the bank machine to do our banking, and we order movies and
tickets online; and we might send messages and chat with our friends online.
Technology is a booming industry and many jobs today are directly or indirectly
related to the use of computers and other technologies.  Everyone is on the, so called “Information

Bow Valley IT Services is a company that started business in
March 2016 and aims to ensure that people with disabilities have the same access
and opportunity to be included on the “Information Highway” by ensuring people
with disabilities have both the access to technology, and the skill set to
utilize it. We want individuals with disabilities and their networks to be
aware that there are solutions available to access technology, and help them to
gain the necessary skills for employment and lifelong learning. 
Through the service that is provided, individuals with
disabilities will have the opportunity to access and utilize existing information
and communication technologies to better develop their skills and knowledge of
computers and the Internet as a means of accessing and/or enhancing employment
opportunities. The individuals will be supported to learn to use assistive
technology and to build the networks and supports around them to ensure
sustainability of their skills and learning. 
We have big hopes for this service and to work along with
the Neurological Wellness Association that
the impact while using assistive technology can have not only an impact on the
individuals and their networks but also on the larger community!

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