Here is her story…

“It’s been a long journey. In 1994 I lost a pregnancy and about three days later an intense headache developed. I was sent to get a CT scan, and the found what is called a pseudo tumour cerebri. This happens when you have all the symptoms of a tumour, but no tumour can be found, and often results in increased pressure on the brain. For many years I was treated with steroids, diuretics, and spinal taps. It went on for years, and seemed to get worse during hormonal spikes. Eventually the headaches began to get longer, more severe, and more frequent. I was on a lot of pain killers. I was losing my life to the pain, and my family doctor agreed. The doctor recommended another MRI, and this scan showed that I have a probable low grade glioma. Feeling like my GP had gone behind his back, my neurologist was upset , but I was happy, because it seemed like there was finally an answer to the pain. Unfortunately, my neurologist said it was too small to have an effect and dismissed it. I’ve been following up with MRIs every year, but the tumour is so deep in the brain that it hasn’t been biopsied, so the answers I thought I had really turned into more questions. I still struggle with the constant headaches. Menopause has eased things a bit, and I’m not in the ER as often, but I have daily chronic pain.
It seemed like, when I was younger they wanted to find the cause, but now that I’m older it’s all just about symptom management. The pain decimated my career, I used to work as a social worker. No I can only work for 8 hours a week at Home Depot, and that’s about all I can manage. I’m almost completely dependant on Social Assistance. I miss my career and want to go back, but it’s starting to look like that will never happen.”
Raina has suffered with her pain for decades, and is hoping to manage her symptoms through registered massage therapy treatment, and acupuncture, both of which have been shown to significantly reduce pain in people like Raina. Having met one of our fundraisers at a local grocery store, Raina contacted us, hopeful that she would be able to be put in touch with professionals who could help support her. NWA wants to support Raina, and needs your help to do so. With only four hundred a month extra Raina would likely be able to get the treatments she needs to significantly reduce her daily pain.

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