Recently we came into contact with Jennifer Grant, mother of Liam, a 4 year old boy from Prince Edward Island that is learning to live life with Autism.

Like any parent Jennifer is doing what she can to help her son thrive. She has asked us to help obtain a service dog to help Liam cope with school. Here is her story:

When my son was diagnosed at
the age of 4 as being on the autism spectrum, I felt completely lost. Being a
single mother, I wasn’t sure what to do or even how to start to figure out what
to do. Once everything sunk in, I then decided to do whatever I could to help
Liam live his life as easily and as comfortably as I could.

When he was first diagnosed, he couldn’t use language to express himself even though he
certainly tried. His cognitive abilities were fantastic so since he understood
everything, he became very animated so he could get his point across and to
this day, he’s just as dramatic!

Wait lists on an island as small as PEI are considerably long to say the least, but
he finally began speech therapy and he has made amazing progress.

Liam has an amazing set of social skills and I’m beyond thankful for that, and he loves
being outside, running and playing.

He has also started kindergarten last month and while the teacher’s aide him in getting from place
to place now, the older he gets, there will be less resources available to help
him unfortunately. I’m hoping that if he can have a service dog then perhaps
the lack of those resources won’t be felt as much.
My family and I have been searching for a year and a half to find Liam his special
“working” dog, hopefully my little boy can finally get his special
friend for life.

Receiving a service dog would allow my son and I to have more freedom in our daily lives while being able to
maintain his safety. It would mean that simple things such as a trip to the grocery store or even playing
outdoors would be possible for us to do without needing multiple people to keep
him calm and stop him from running away. He has recently started school and the amount of concentration needed to stay focused during the school day raises his anxiety levels to the point where when he gets
home he tends to lash out at myself and occasionally harming himself, having a trained service dog to help calm him down during these times would be one of the greatest blessings for our family.
Wellness Association has agreed to contribute whatever funding that is required to help Liam beyond the money Jennifer can raise. Jennifer has created a Go Fund Campaign to assist with funding. The total cost for the service dog will be approximately $10,000.

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